Trash Bag Holders

  • Stop the messes
  • Stop bag slippage 100%
  • Compact waste, save on bags
  • No more knots to tie
  • Straps stretch over 50%
  • Last forever
  • Washable
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Made in USA

    Just close the strap and you're done!
    Can Straps allow you to compact much more into your waste container without fear of slippage thereby allowing you to use fewer bags. The potential environmental impact of this savings could be enormous. For example there are over 117 million households in the U.S. If every kitchen waste container had a Can Strap, we would use at least one less bag per week. For the entire country that adds up to a whopping 6 billion plus fewer plastic trash bags. That savings translates to 110 thousand tons less plastic per year going into our landfills! And that’s just the potential in households…
  • Can Straps come in 4 different sizes:

    Trash Bag Holder Large
    Can Straps®
    Trash Bag Holder - XL
    Fits 56" - 86" rim
    (142cm - 218 cm)
    Garbage Can/55-Gallon Drum
    Trash Bag Holder Medium
    Can Straps®
    Trash Bag Holder - Medium
    Fits 42" - 56" rim
    (107cm - 142cm)
    Tall Kitchen Waste Can
    Trash Bag Holder Small
    Can Straps®
    Trash Bag Holder - Small
    Fits 32" - 42" rim
    (81cm - 107 cm)
    Standard Wastebasket
    Trash Bag Holder XS
    Can Straps®
    Trash Bag Holder - XS
    Fits 24" - 32" rim
    (61cm - 81cm)
    Vanity Wastebasket

    Here's how they work: