Can Straps® are an easy-to-use solution for an everyday nuisance – they keep plastic trash liners from falling into waste containers of all sizes. We created this product to reduce waste, frustration, odor and ickiness associated with emptying trash bins! Made in USA.

Benefits of Can Straps®:

  • Stops bag slippage into trash container
  • Can fit more trash and recycling items into bags, therefore use fewer bags and empty trash less often
  • More efficient use of bags means less plastic waste in the environment
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use – sensible for places as varied as home, office, hospital, construction sites, camping sites, etc.
  • Stops messes – the bin and areas around it stay cleaner, without spilled-over trash
  • Easy for people with arthritis or similar conditions to use

Can Straps® Features:

  • Easy – just put it around the container and press the hook & loop closure
  • Pull tab makes bag removal easy
  • Available in 4 sizes to fit containers from small vanity wastebaskets to 55-gallon drums
  • Each size has adjustable closures and can stretch to nearly twice its original length for added versatility; also, straps can be attached to each other to make a longer one
  • No need to tie knot when putting new bag in trash container
  • Reversible – there is no right side up and both sides work identically
  • Straps are reusable, washable, and made to last
  • Polyester/Lycra construction is hypoallergenic, no latex or rubber
  • Color-coded labels for easy identification of sizes

We plan to design and manufacture other products that are simple to use and reduce frustration. Your comments or suggestions are always welcome. Please email them to comments@canstraps.com.

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